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One of the biggest challenges small societies, school groups, sport teams and social groups experience is funding! Most of us have participated in various fund raising efforts; from early morning bottle drives to selling candy door to door, or even working shifts in a bingo hall.  We do this because we care about the success of our group which is trying to raise money to fund the next project!


Well, Kaffa Karma has taken the heaving lifting out of fund raising and has put it on ON CRUISE CONTROL!  


This is how it works. When an account is opened with Kaffa Karma, the Group or Cause will receive a FREE customized website with their own logo. The organization is provided with a unique URL address which can be posted on their own website and used in their own marketing materials. That URL will lead to the Group’s own online store which offers some of the finest coffees in the world!


As people buy coffee from your store you are raising money for your Group or Cause. It’s that easy!


Kaffa Karma really makes fund raising SIMPLE!  We process the orders and ship the orders directly to the purchaser.


All you do is advertise your unique URL and cash a check! 


Click on the link in the upper right hand corner, open your account and start raising funds today!!